LEGAL SPOTLIGHT: iPad v. Trial Presentation Software

A Client Update from Trial Resource

As you prepare for your next trial, you may be looking into options for the best trial presentation tool. Those options basically boil down to two categories: Trial presentation software, which runs on a laptop, or an iPad application. Both offer benefits, but what are the main differences – and the pros and cons of each?

Animation In The Courtroom

One of the most interesting cases in all of California in 2012 started off as a murder trial, but ended up being something more. In People v. Duenas, it was not the actual murder that ended up being a major debate, but rather the question of whether animation should be admissible. On one hand, the prosecutors believed that the animation was an effective method of providing a visual example of their case to the jury. However, the defense contended that using the animation created a situation of prejudice where jury members may not be able to discern the difference between an animation and simulation.